Preparation of Bidding Documents com¬prising the following;
Instructions to Bidders, Bills of Quantities, Conditions of Contract and Specifications etc.

A solid document is part and parcel of a solid Contract. Paying attention to this principle, we focus constantly on producing high quality documents on a project by project basis giving due consideration to special characteristics a project.

Our Bill of Quantities Preparation workflow is at the forefront in that we use well designed and planned techniques to cater to ever shrinking target times without compromising quality. Backed by staff members with Middle East experience, CCS provides ‘Tender-Ready’ BOQs. The high computer literacy among the staff enables us to implement software-based measurements, at times, through customisations to standard off-the-shelf software.

Since revisions are more than likely to take place during the process, to drawings, specifications etc, we ensure that our workflows and formats are revision-friendly. Thus, our intention is to minimise time consumption on rework, which will have a positive domino-effect on all participants of the Project Team.